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Receive SMS to Verify Google Account

Receive SMS to Verify Google Account

Google is a search engine that serves all over the world. In addition, there are sub-applications and additional applications that provide many operations. When opening an account and creating a profile for Google usage, the person is asked to enter a phone number, e-mail address and set a password. 

After all these processes, sms verification comes into play. In the sms confirmation step, a verification code is sent to the phone number entered by the person to open an account. The code can be used once and is sent for verification and security purposes. When opening an account on Google and its additional applications, people may not want to give their private phone number or may want to create a separate account. Since the mobile confirmation is transmitted to the phone number, a separate number is required. 

In this case, a phone number can be securely obtained from our ReceiveSMS.in website. With the virtual phone number you have purchased, the person does not have to give out their private number and can access the confirmation code. Thanks to the fake number acquisition, these transactions take place and all transactions are completed. Fake numbers are completely reliable. It ensures that the code required to open an account is transmitted to the newly received fake number.

What is Mobile Approval Code?

Mobile approval codes are required in Google and all Google applications. A confirmation code is requested in cases such as a new account to be opened, logging into an existing account from another device. Codes that can be used only once are transmitted to the phone number of the person and asked to be verified. With virtual phone number retrieval, a code can be obtained in any situation without using a private mobile phone number. When you do not want to use personal phone numbers in tools such as social media and search engines, the best way is to get a virtual number. 

The safest way to get a virtual number is ReceiveSMS.in. In the fake number process, customers are specially taken care of and security is always at the forefront. The confirmation code required to enter the accounts is also transmitted to the fake number and can be safely entered into the account. The fake numbers received are disposable and cannot be used at different times or by different people, which makes the number secure.

When the virtual number is received, the person can access the confirmation code via the "Activations" page on our site. All transactions are secure and no one other than the person logging into the account can access it. Anyone who does not want to use their private number for mobile approval can get a virtual number and log in to their account.

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