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API Documentation

In this document, api_key means your api key. You can learn this key from your profile page.

Get Categories

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/getCategories

Sample Output: [{"id":1, "name": "Google"},{"id":2, "name": "Discord"}]

Get Services in Category

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/getServices/category_id

Sample Output: [{"id":"12","name":"Russia","category":"1"},{"id":"11","name":"Germany","category":"1"}]

Note: You can get category_id value from categories list.

Get Services Price and Stock Count

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/getServiceDetails/service_id

Sample Output: {"id":"32","price":"2","stock":180}

Note: You can get service_id value from services list.

Get Api Balance

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/api_key/getBalance

Sample Output: {"balance":100}

Get Number

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/api_key/getNumber/service_id

Sample Output: {"success":true,"title":"","message":"","number_id":75,"number":"+77073076157"}

Note: You should keep "number" and "number_id" values to view message.

Note: You can get service_id value from services list.

Get Sms Code

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/api_key/getMessage/number_id

Sample Output: {"code":null,"id":"75","status":0}

If 'status' = 1: Message has arrived.

If 'status' = 0: Waiting for sms code.

If 'status' = -1: Number canceled.

Note: You can get number_id value from "get number" response.

Cancel Number

Request Url Address: https://www.receivesms.in/api/api_key/cancelNumber/number_id

Sample Output: {"success":true, "title":"", "message":""}

Your money will be refunded after cancellation.

Note: You can get number_id value from "get number" response.